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  • You will hear a public announcement about a lost little girl called Mary. Listen and check (v) the letter of the correct picture to show what Mary is wearing. (Bạn sẽ nghe thấy một thông báo công khai về một cô bé bị lạc gọi là Mary. Lắng nghe và đánh dấu (v) vào hình ảnh chính xác để hiển thị những gì Mary đang mặc.)

Unit 2: Listen - Clothing

Guide to answer

a. B

b. A

c. C

  • Tapescript Listen Unit 2 Lớp 9

​Announcer (on Public Announcement)

Attention please. Here is a special announcement. A little girl is reported missing. She was last seen 20 minutes ago near the main entrance to the Car Fair. Her name’s Mary and she is 3 years old. She has short dark hair. She’s wearing shorts – blue shorts and a long – sleeved white blouse. She’s wearing a pair of shoes – brown shoes. She may be carrying a large doll. If you see Mary, please bring her to the Information Desk. Her father’s waiting for her there. Thank you.

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