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1. Unit 2 Writing Task 1

You are going to write about the conical leaf hat or the “nón lá”, a symbol of Vietnamese culture. Look at the picture below. Write the Vietnamese equivalents for the English words. (Bạn sẽ viết về nón lán một biểu tượng đặc trưng của nền văn hóa Việt Nam. Hãy xem hình. Tìm từ tiếng Việt tương đương với từ tiếng Anh.)












Unit 2: Writing Cultural Diversity

Guide to answer

  • leaf         1. lá
  • rim         2. vành nón
  • ribs         3. gọng nón
  • strap       4. quai nón

2. Unit 2 Writing Task 2

Write a passage of about 150 words about the conical leaf hat of Vietnam, using the outline and information below. (Hãy viết một đoạn văn khoảng 150 từ về chiếc nón lá Việt Nam, dùng những thông tin và dàn ý bên dưới)


Introduction: – symbol of Vietnamese girls/women

– part of spirit of the Vietnamese nation

Main body:


Shape and size




– special kind of bamboo and young/soft palm leaves

– conical form

– diameter: 45-50 cm; 25-30 cm high

– covering the form with leaves/sewing leaves around ribs

Conclusion: – protecting people from sun/rain

– girls/women look pretty/attractive


Guide to answer

The conical leaf hat is one of the typical symbols of the Vietnamese culture because it cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The leaf hat is not only a symbol of Vietnames girls and women, but also has become a part of spirit of the Vietnamese nation.

The hat is made from a special kind of bamboo and young, soft palm leaves. It has a conical form. The diameter of the hat is from 45 to 50 cm and it is from 25 to 30 cm high. The form is covered with the palm leaves. Finally, the hat is painted with a coat of attar oil.

The leaf hat is used like an umbrella to protect people from the sun or the rain. Beneath the broad rims of the leaf hat, girls and women look prettier and more attractive.

Bài tập minh họa

Using the information and outline below, write a passage to describe “ao dai”.
  • Introduction
    • the most recognizable traditional Vietnamese costume
    • a symbol to show the national pride
  • Body
    • Origin: applying to the outfit worn at the court of the Nguyen Lords at Hue in the 18th century
    • Material: a tight-fitting silk tunic
    • Shape:
      • slit on the slides
      • over loose pants
    • Modern style:
      • print lines of poetry on the “ao dai”
      • add symbols such as: sun, star, cross, stripes,…
  • Conclusion
    • wearing in some special occasions
    • men and women look attractive.
Guide to answer

The “ao dai” is the most recognizable traditional Vietnamese costume. It is also a symbol to show the national pride like the conical leaf hat.

The word “ao dai” was originally applied to the outfit worn at the court of the Nguyen Lords at Hue in the 18th century. For centuries, it is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women. With the special design, it is made from a tight – fitting silk tunic that is slit on the slides and worn over loose pants. Now many fashion designers want to change “ao dai” into modern styles. Some have printed lines of poetry on the “ao dai”. Others have add symbols from nature such as: sun, star, flowers,… or cross, stripes to make this costume more beautiful.

Nowadays, “ao dai” is not only worn by women, but also by men. In some special occasions like Tet holiday, wedding or meeting, people wear this traditional costume to express the national pride.

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