Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm (15 câu):

  • Choose the correct words or phrases that best complete the passage.

    Dear Jane,

    I’m sorry for not (1) ______ to you for two months. In my postcard sent to you when I was on vacation in July, I told you about a new friend of (2) ____, Lisa Moran, who lives near my uncle’s farm in Napan Valley, California. You may be curious to know what she is (3) ______.

    Well, Lisa is of our age – 17 – and not very tall or slim. In fact, she has (4) ______ rounded shoulders and a plump face. The best (5) ______ on Lisa’s face are her green eyes and the two dimples on her checks. She (6) ______ lively with her hair cut short and dressed in (7) ______ clothes – jeans and a T-shirt. When I first met her at my cousin’s birthday party, I was attracted by her (8) ______ and pleasingly direct manners. Curiously enough, Lisa has the same (9) ______ in music as you and I.

    That’s (10) ______ about Lisa for the moment. How have you been doing with your school work? Please write soon.

    Best wishes

    Ann Maxfield

    Câu 1:

    • A. write
    • B. to write
    • C. writing
    • D. wrote
  • Câu 2:

    • A. I
    • B. me
    • C. my
    • D. mine
  • Câu 3:

    • A. looking
    • B. like
    • C. seem
    • D. similar
  • Câu 4:

    • A. slightly
    • B. hardly
    • C. scarcely
    • D. reasonably
  • Câu 5:

    • A. aspects
    • B. points
    • C. features
    • D. marks
  • Câu 6:

    • A. feels
    • B. seems
    • C. appears
    • D. looks
  • Câu 7:

    • A. casual
    • B. formal
    • C. sports
    • D. trendy
  • Câu 8:

    • A. light-hearted
    • B. high-handed
    • C. self-centered
    • D. easy-going
  • Câu 9:

    • A. taste
    • B. hearing
    • C. sense
    • D. way
  • Câu 10:

    • A. all
    • B. enough
    • C. end
    • D. most
  • Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers

    Having a best friend to confide in can bring a positive effect on our emotional health. An evening out with the closest friend may be the best guarantee of a good time. In fact, our best friend can prevent us from developing serious psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

    Best friendship evolves with time – we cannot go out and pick our best friend. We become friends with people who share common interests – at school or through hobbies, for example.

    Best friends have usually known each other for years and stuck together through good and bad times. If you haven’t got oneperhaps you are being too distant from people, or focusing too much on your work.

    Câu 11:

    A best friend can ________.

    • A. give us a healthy life
    • B. go out with us in the evening
    • C. spend much time finding
    • D. share joy and sadness with us
  • Câu 12:

    Close friends need to ________.

    • A. study at the same school
    • B. have the same interests
    • C. pursue the same hobbies
    • D. spend time together
  • Câu 13:

    According to the passage, ________.

    • A. it takes a lot of time to make close friendships
    • B. we can go out and choose a good friend easily
    • C. best friends have good and bad times
    • D. It’s very difficult to make lasting friendships
  • Câu 14:

    The word ‘one’ in the last paragraph refers to ________.

    • A. good time
    • B. bad time
    • C. a friendship
    • D. a close friend
  • Câu 15:

     Which of the following sentences is not mentioned?
    • A. We often have satisfaction being with a close friend.
    • B. The ties of close friendship will never be broken.
    • C. An unsociable person may not have a close friend.
    • D. Friendships need time to develop.

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